I witnessed the most amazing thing this evening while waiting for my train in the Durham Amtrak station. I was simply sitting on the bench minding my own business when I looked around and heard a man, who sounded like a pastor, preaching to this young man sitting next to him. I couldn’t help but listen to their conversation. This older man kept telling this boy that life is a journey and you need to keep moving forward.

Come to find out, the young boy is struggling with problems paying child support and providing for his child. This young man broke down in tears, he was literally on the floor with his head between his knees saying ‘why me’, ‘why did this happen to me’. The older man kept saying, don’t you see this is a sign from God. A sign that you need to get your life on track and turn it around. The older man talking to him, invited about five other people around him to come over to sit on the same bench and join him in a prayer for this young man. I stayed on my bench and witnessed this from the other side of the train station. At the end of their prayer, they all got out their telephones or notebooks and wrote each others phone numbers down and promised each other that they would all stay in touch.

This made my day. To see that humans can get out of their own bubble for a minute and sympathize with others is truly amazing. I gained a new type of faith in humankind. It was spiritual and moving. I may not have gone over to the young man and sat on the bench with him, but I simply looked at him as we were getting on the train and smiled at him. I said a prayer for him as the others were praying. The magnitude of a smile or prayer can do so much, and I truly hope that whatever that young man is going through in his life he will overcome it and his family and himself will be ok.

Be grateful & go out of your way to do something nice for others. You will get rewarded for it.


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