March Mondaze

I know today is Tuesday and not Monday but I have been so busy & jet lagged that I completely lost track of the days. For my usual March Monday post, I want to discuss the hot new hot look for this spring: BOHO.

Bohemian is defined as a native or inhabitant of Bohemia ; a person who has informal or unconventional social habits.

Spring is right around the corner and I have been seeing more Boho style clothing than ever. Some of my favorite places to shop for Boho clothes are FreePeople, Threadscene & Planet Blue. Here are some of my favorite styles and trends for this spring! Shop Away.

Agung Romper Agung Romper 1

Agung Romper – Free People

Janis Bells In Blue Moroccan By Novella Royale

Janis Bells in Blue Moroccan by: Novella Royale – Threadscene

sweet devotion shorts by raga - thread scene

Sweet Devotion Shorts by Raga – Threadscene

NIghtcap - cherry blossom priscilla dress

Nightcap Cherry Blossom Priscilla Dress – Planet Blue


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