March Mondaze

Happy March Monday!!

Today I am introducing you all to one of my favorite things: Coconut Oil Salt Scrub

This salt scrub includes some of my favorite ingredients: coconut oil & epsom salt. I first discovered this yummy scrub when I was staying at a hotel in Wilmington, North Carolina. I loved it so much that I wanted to buy some in the gift shop until I saw the price on it and thought that I could make it myself. The scrub can be used for your hands, feet, and body. I love this because it leaves your skin smooth to the touch and looking healthy. Perfect to use on dry, itchy skin or as a simple moisturizer.


✵Ingredients: coconut oil, epsom salt, essential oils (optional, but not necessary)

✵ Mix the coconut oil and epsom salt together, if wanted use essential oils for fragrance. Store the scrub in an air-tight container. I prefer to keep my salt scrub in a mason jar, but thats just me!

XOXO go get your scrub on!


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