March Mondaze

HAPPY MARCH!! I can’t believe March is already here! Wasn’t it just Christmas?

Starting every Monday for the entire month of March, I will be posting my favorite fashion trends or DIY projects. Get excited because I am!

So I know March can be an awkward time for your closet because depending on where you live it can still be reallyyyy cold, but hopefully it’s warming up a little bit…today in North Carolina it was 70 degrees!! We went from the single digits last week to the 70s today, now that’s what I’m talking about. One of my favorite fashion trends for getting ready for the spring is the: Bright Sweater Collection

Check it out!


☀︎ Such a great look! Hot Pink Blazer with cuffed sleeves, a polka dot shirt, and your favorite pair of jeans. My favorite part of this entire outfit is the hot pink contrasting with the simple gold jewelry. Classy yet playful.


☀︎Bring on the yellow! Perfect way to layer up and still look cute. I could do without the gold necklace but I love the contrast between navy blue and yellow. The colors always look great together without much effort.


☀︎ Hello Summer….for those of you who live in the warmer regions of the world, you can start summer early by shopping this look. I love the orange/coral sweater with the light wash Oneteaspoon shorts and the tan body!

Hope you enjoy & get your closet ready for March!



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