Color Wave

For Valentine’s Day weekend, Martin & I spent the weekend watching Fifty Shades of Grey (HOLY COW, talk about being hot & bothered)! On Sunday we spent the entire day baking delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (don’t worry, i will post the recipe for you guys), and tie dying teeshirts. The last time we both tie dyed was probably when we were eight years old and at summer camp…so we decided to bring the tie dye back! We had to look up ideas and instructions on Pinterest & we came across the site called 

Instructions ❊

First step: Get a bucket, white t-shirts, rubber bands, and don’t forget the dye. We bought the dye from Walmart for under $15!! Research tie dye patterns and ideas to find out what you want your shirt or whatever your tie dying to look like! Once you have all that figured out, wet the t-shirt thoroughly and lay it flat on the ground or a table. We decided that we both wanted a spiral pattern shirt, in order to do this you need to grasp the middle of the shirt and twist into a spiral. Tie the three or four pieces with rubber bands laying across the entire shirt.

td 1

Second step: Once you have your t-shirt into the shape and pattern you want and binded with the rubber bands, you will take the t-shirt over a sink or a large bucket and pour the dye onto the different sections of your shirt.

td2 td3

td4 td5

Third step: Cut all rubber bands off!

Washing Instructions: Fill your washing machine with warm-hot water and use super strength laundry detergent. I recommend washing each shirt individually so the colors do not run onto other shirts. Although other websites say to put your t-shirt into the dryer, don’t do it! The dryer heat will fade your t-shirt and ruin it! Let it air dry!

Fourth step: Take photos of your tie dye shirt and share it with me! Leave comments, ask questions, and have fun!!

td6  t7



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