Cupid’s Coming➾♡

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner….I personally think there shouldn’t just be one day isolated to showing someone how much you love them, that should be every single day. Some people go ‘goo goo ga ga’ over this cheesy holiday and want to go all out, that’s not the case with me.

Of course I like all the colors (pinks, reds, and whites) and the cute little crafts to do! This valentine’s day, Martin and I are keeping it low-key. Dinner, Fifty Shades of Grey, and baking cookies is calling our names! Pretty simple! I did come across the cutest card on Etsy that reads “To my significant otter”. Thanks to


Pinterest is one of the websites that I spend most of my time on. On a side note, they need to create a Pinterest shop that sells the clothes and shoes that are posted Pinterest, SO CUTE! While looking on Pinterest for Valentines day I came across a recipe for donut holes that you place on mini arrows called “Cupid Donut Hole Arrows”. Such a cute idea for a Valentine’s Day party or a little get together with friends!

e7e27d49e7707e677c51860dc7302346   vday 2


XOXO, go get your love on!


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