Throwing the clay

If you like to relax & get a lil’ dirty then pottery is for you…

My boyfriend, Martin is the most creative and artistic person that I know and we have both been wanting to take a pottery class together for the longest time. For Christmas I got us a 75 minute private lesson at Clay Create in Raleigh. We went back and forth with each other deciding what we wanted to make and as it ended up, we both made something completely different than what we had in mind. With pottery you can’t really decide what you’re going to make until you become an expert in the clay making process. Now that we have been introduced to the world of pottery, we both hope to start our own pottery making and get a little better at it!

pottery 6  pottery 5

pottery 4  pottery 3

pottery 2  pottery 1

Take a pottery class & don’t be afraid to get a lil’ dirty!

I will be sure to post photos of our mini-creations once they are fired and finished!!



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