California is home and always will be. It is where I grew up and it will always have a special place in my heart. From butt naked on the warm sand as a baby (not now of course), to living blocks away from the infamous Sunset Blvd, not to mention Rodeo Drive. I’ve seen it all. Since a child, I have always been well-cultured traveling up and down the coast of California, taking cruises to Mexico, and visiting my most favorite place on earth, HAWAII. California is absolutely beautiful, with a world full of interesting people, somewhere you find all different walks of life. You never know what to expect when you go somewhere, the possibility of running into somebody famous or even the thought that you could become famous one day…

Up until 2013 the idea of leaving California to live somewhere else never crossed my mind. While looking for colleges I stumbled across North Carolina which sounded like a pretty cool place to go to school, I had my sister and two nieces out there and it was time for me to experience new things. It is hard being 2,540 miles away from home but a self-realization spoke to me and said “you only have one life and this is the time to do it because you may never have this opportunity again”. I am so grateful for this experience, I have been able to see life in a whole new perspective, how other cultures live, and gain my own personal freedom and independence.

Imagine…a California girl who lives in the land of juice cleanses and Pilates classes, where shopping is a hobby, and the beach is less than 30 minutes away. To little miss North Carolina, experiencing Chick-fil-A for the first time, people are as sweet as their sweet tea, it’s a sin to live without biscuits and gravy, the beach is over two hours away, and Walmart (aka Wally World) which is the biggest and best place to go to feel better about yourself. It is different out here, it is simple, something I’ve never experienced before, a world that I never thought even existed.


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